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  • Airflow at Max. Settings
  • 400m³/h
  • 605 m³/h
  • 1500 m³/h
  • Lowest Sound Level
  • 31dB
  • 28dB
  • 28dB
  • Net Weight
  • 5.6kg
  • 14kg
  • 29kg
  • HEPA Filter
  • H14
  • H13
  • H14


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Where can I use the MedicAir Pro Mini?

The Pro Mini unit is ideal for homes, offices, and other small spaces. It efficiently purifies the air, reducing allergens, odours and other air pollutants to create healthier environments.

How big is the MedicAir Pro Mini air purifier?

The MedicAir Pro Mini air purifier is 51cm in height and has a 25cm base diameter, with a lightweight design of just 5.6kg. Its sleek and compact dimensions make it an unobtrusive addition to any room, offering powerful air purification without occupying much space.

Is the UV-C technology used in the MedicAir Pro Mini safe?

All MedicAir units, including the Pro Mini, incorporate safe UV-C tech to neutralise airborne pathogens. This UV-C tech is designed to ensure that it doesn’t emit any ozone, making sure the air remains clean & safe without introducing harmful ozone.

How often do I need to change the filter?

MedicAir filters are built to last 6 to 12 months, depending on air quality and usage. When its life drops to 10%, your unit will alert you with a red flash. For convenience, sign up for our filter replacement service. You'll automatically receive a new filter every 9 months at a discount, ensuring your air stays clean.

Where can I use the MedicAir Pro unit?

The MedicAir Pro units are ideal for larger indoor environments, such as medical facilities, grocery stores, gyms, and locker rooms, effectively enhancing air quality in spacious settings.

How big is the MedicAir Pro air purifier?

The MedicAir Pro Mini stands at 88cm in height, with a base diameter of 33cm, and weighs 14kg, making it a compact yet powerful option for improving indoor air quality.

Can the MedicAir Pro air purifier reduce the risk of COVID-19 indoors?

All MedicAir units employ combination technology that includes a HEPA filter and safe UV-C technology, to effectively remove airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens like COVID-19.

How noisy is the MedicAir Pro air purifier?

The MedicAir Pro operates within a range of just 28-60 dB. It cleans your air efficiently while remaining whisper-quiet, making it suitable for use in both active and restful settings.

Where can I use the MedicAir Pro Max air purifier?

The MedicAir Pro Max excels in extensive indoor spaces requiring heavy-duty air purification. This includes larger spaces such as wards in hospitals, school halls, large open plan offices, etc.

How big is the MedicAir Pro Max air purifier?

The MedicAir Pro Max has a base width of 38cm x 58cm and stands 75cm tall. Weighing 29kg, this robust air purifier is designed to meet significant air purification needs in larger spaces.

Can the Pro Max air purifier remove odours?

All MedicAir air purifiers are equipped with a carbon-activated filter that effectively removes odours and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your air.

How much space does the Pro Max air purifier cover?

The MedicAir Pro Max can purify a large amount of air quickly, making it perfect for vast spaces. Its powerful system cleans up to 1500 cubic metres of air per hour. This makes it ideal for very large rooms or open areas.

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