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Ordering the unit was simple and delivery within two days was just great. We have been delighted the performance of the unit which is almost silent!

Trustpilot Review

We are delighted with our MedicAir Air Purifier. The communication has been exemplary and customer care, second to none. We would highly recommend MedicAir.

Trustpilot Review

We bought a Medic Air purifier only recently, but we are absolutely pleased with its quality and performance, also with the excellent customer service. The purifier works efficiently, yet surprisingly very quietly.

Trustpilot Review

I love the ReAKT feature which measures the purity of the air and automatically adjusts the airflow strength. It works brilliantly - when we are cooking in the kitchen or using hair spray it registers that there are particles in the air and adjusts the airflow to eliminate them quickly.


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Here’s what MedicAir filters out

  • Covid-19

    0.1-0.5 microns

    This virus spreads in small liquid particles that are carried through the air when an infected person breathes, talks, or sneezes. These range from 0.1 to 0.5 microns, but the MedicAir unit’s advanced medical-grade technology filters out COVID-19 particles too.

  • Pet dander

    5-10 microns

    The microscopic flecks of dead skin and hair that an animal sheds are known as dander and can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Lucky for you, the MedicAir air purifier is designed and engineered to filter out pet dander.

  • Mould spores

    2-100 microns

    Moulds rapidly spread by producing large numbers of microscopic spores that float on air currents and which can cause respiratory irritation. If unchecked, mould can damage your health, your furniture, and your fabrics, and leave a musty smell. The MedicAir air purifier helps filter out mould so you breathe in safe & clean air.

  • Dust particles

    2.5-10 microns

    Dust contains a number of tiny particles that can cause irritation and allergic reactions, such as pollen, smoke, bacteria, ash, and dead skin. MedicAir’s HEPA filter technology helps capture the tiniest of dust particles.

  • Bacteria

    1-3 microns

    These single-cell organisms can survive on non-living surfaces and can quickly multiply, sometimes causing serious infection and disease. The MedicAir air purifier with a combination technology of HEPA and safe-UVC tech. filters out bacteria ensuring your indoor air is clean, safe, and healthy.

Protecting You and Your Family

By using a MedicAir Pro Mini, trusted by the NHS and WHO, we inhale all of the pollutants, allergens, viruses and other nasties, while you inhale only freshness.

By simply placing a MedicAir Pro Mini in your living spaces and bedrooms, your family will be breathing the cleanest air possible day and night.

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The Latest HEPA Filter Air Purifier for You

Designed and engineered by doctors, all MedicAir air purifiers kill up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to keep you and your family safe. Placing a MedicAir air purifier in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or home offices will offer the best form of protection against common allergies, household chemicals, pollutants and nasty odours. Welcome medical grade air purification into your homes today.


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How many units do I need?

To find out how many MedicAir units you need, consider your space's size and layout. Each unit covers a certain area efficiently. For larger or more complex spaces, you might need more. Contact us for a tailored recommendation.

What type of filters does the unit use?

All MedicAir units are equipped with a HEPA filter, medical-grade activated carbon filter, and safe UV-C technology for maximum effectiveness.

How big an area does one unit cover?

MedicAir units have been designed to suit different indoor environments. 

  • The MedicAir Pro Mini is ideal for homes and smaller spaces. It is capable of purifying 400 cubic metres of air per hour
  • The MedicAir Pro can purify 605 cubic metres of air per hour 
  • The MedicAir Pro Max is best suited for commercial properties and can purify up to 1500 cubic metres of air per hour

How do I connect the MedicAir app?

  • Download the MedicAir® app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. (Once the app is installed, you can also download the MedicAir data app to monitor the air quality values of your devices. Ensure both the app and unit are connected to the same wi-fi network for seamless operation.​)
  • Register with your email and verify it with the code sent to you.
  • In the app, tap the + icon and select ‘Air Purifier’.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password and press NEXT.
  • On your MedicAir® unit, tap the power button to restart it. After the screen stabilises, press and hold the ReAKT button for 4 seconds until the Wi-Fi icon flashes.
  • Back in the app, confirm the ‘indicator blinking rapidly’ and press NEXT. Let the unit connect without interference.

If the connection fails due to busy Wi-Fi, try again using a personal hotspot.

How do I install MedicAir?

MedicAir is a plug-and-play unit, specifically designed for simplicity; it requires no specialised installation. 

To install:

Remove the unit from the box, plug the power cable into the unit and a power socket; simply press the illuminated power button on the display panel on the top of the unit.

Is MedicAir a free-standing unit?

Yes, the MedicAir air purifier is a completely freestanding unit.

How do I change the filter?

Replacing MedicAir filters is a breeze. Our filters are integrated into a single 'filter cartridge' that houses all the essential filtration elements and technology.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the manuals below:

How often do I need to change the filter?

All MedicAir filters are built to last 6 to 12 months, depending on air quality and usage. When its life drops to 10%, your unit will alert you with a red flash. For convenience, sign up for our filter replacement subscription. You'll automatically receive a new filter every 9 months at a discount, ensuring your air stays clean.

Does the unit need any maintenance?

The MedicAir unit itself requires minimal maintenance. The only ongoing requirement is to replace the filter cartridge approximately every nine months, or every 12 months for residential users. The unit can be wiped clean or vacuumed; however, the filter should not be cleaned but instead needs to be replaced.

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