Evaluating the Efficacy of the MedicAir Air Purifier in Reducing Ambient Air Pollution in Classrooms

The Problem

To keep pupils safe during Covid-19, schools were asked to provide ventilation. However, opening windows was not always a safe option.

One strategy proposed by government bodies to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 has been to employ natural ventilation in indoor spaces, which materially translates to opening windows in public spaces such as schools. However, given that indoor air pollution in schools is often linked to pollution from nearby roads, this may only exacerbate the issue of indoor air pollution in urban schools.

The Solution

Classroom air tests prove MedicAir air purifiers provide cleaner, safer air for pupils

Two classrooms of similar size and occupancy were used in our experiment. To follow increased ventilation guidelines, windows were kept open throughout the study, and a rural school was chosen to avoid urban pollution. Medical-grade data loggers were then placed in these classrooms for two days to establish baseline PM2.5 and PM1 levels. After five days, MedicAir units (equipped with a carbon activated filter, a HEPA 13 filter, and safe UV-C tech) were placed in both classrooms.

Only one unit had a HEPA filter; the other was a control. The units were then left on REAKT mode, which increased or reduced the throughput of the units depending on ambient particulate matter levels, for two weeks. The filter was then swapped between units, and the experiment repeated for another two weeks.

The use of MedicAir air purifiers demonstrated significant improvements in air quality in both classrooms.Our air purifiers was able to reduce airborne PM2.5 concentrations by over 50% and brought levels well below WHO guidelines.

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The Result

The use of the MedicAir air purification unit is an effective solution for the rapid clearing of particulates from the air.

The effects of PM2.5 and PM1 on human health, particularly children’s health, have been under increased scrutiny in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Several studies have suggested that air purification can effectively reduce the quantity of particulate contamination in the air. This is increasingly important given the correlation between indoor air quality and increased viral perpetuation and transmission in the air.

The results of this experiment highlight the concerning levels of PM1 and PM2.5 in classrooms in the UK, even in rural surroundings when naturally ventilated per current guidelines using open windows. We have also shown that the use of the MedicAir air purification unit is an effective solution for the rapid clearing of particulates from the air and is also effective at clearing particulates in the size range of bacteria and viruses rapidly in order to prevent transmission.

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