Providing Cleaner, Safer Air for Students and Staff at Loughborough College

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    Radmoor Rd, Loughborough LE11 3BT

The Problem

Student wellbeing and safety were being compromised by the Covid-19 virus.

For more than 100 years, Loughborough College has been providing high-quality education and training. Loughborough College places students at the heart of everything it does. What sets the college apart is its commitment to the wellbeing and safety of the whole community. Loughborough College creates an environment of learning and creativity, allowing students to flourish and achieve their aspirations. Inclusion is central to its ethos, and the college welcomes a diverse student population from all over the world to its friendly campus every year.

The Solution

Installing air purifiers provided safe study spaces with clean air for students and staff.

As part of their commitment to safety, Loughborough College undertook ventilation assessments of their entire campus to increase awareness of indoor air quality and the airborne risk of COVID-19. Whilst conducting these assessments, MedicAir reached out to explain how they could assist with any issues that the college encountered. Once the assessments were finished, the college concluded that they had a number of spaces where MedicAir could help in providing cleaner, safer air for their students and staff.

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The Result

MedicAir was able to provide Loughborough College with a sophisticated piece of equipment encompassing trialled and tested air purification technology.

Our independent laboratory testing gave us confidence that the air purifier could do what was claimed and the high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the unit meant that fewer of our devices were required than others that are available. The process to procure the MedicAir air purifiers was simple, with a knowledgeable and experienced product specialist available to answer any queries and provide the college with dedicated service. Our units arrived quickly and were easy to install; they simply had to take them out of the box, plug them in, and turn them on.

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