Transforming Dental Surgery Environments: The Success Story of Andrew Scott Dental Surgery in Scotland


Andrew Scott Dental Surgery, a leading dental practice in Scotland, faced a significant challenge common in healthcare settings – ensuring exceptional air quality to protect both staff and patients. Recognizing the critical need for a safer and more comfortable environment, the dental practice embarked on a journey to find an effective solution. This expanded case study explores how Andrew Scott Dental Surgery implemented MedicAir technology to achieve remarkable results and elevate their practice standards

The Problem

Monitoring the Solution

Andrew Scott Dental Surgery installed MedicAir Pro units throughout the surgery to address air quality concerns. These units were rigorously tested to evaluate their effectiveness in reducing airborne contaminants, minimizing the risk of infections, and creating a healthier environment. Staff members reported feeling safer and more comfortable, while patients expressed their appreciation for the noticeably improved air quality. Patients also noticed a reduction in medical gases and fresher air, significantly enhancing their overall dental experience and providing peace of mind most prominently during the Covid crises when it was of safe air quality was more important due to the immediate risk to health

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The Benefits

Patient Satisfaction and Business Benefits

The positive feedback from both staff and patients was undeniable. Not only did the MedicAir Pro units effectively eliminate airborne pathogens and improve air quality, but they also contributed to a tangible improvement in patient satisfaction. As word spread about Andrew Scott Dental Surgery's commitment to providing a safer and healthier environment, patient retention rates soared, and new patients were drawn to the practice's reputation for excellence in air quality management.

Permanent Implementation and Brand Promotion

Impressed by the undeniable benefits of MedicAir technology, Andrew Scott Dental Surgery decided to integrate the units permanently into their practice infrastructure. The installation of MedicAir Pro units was not only a testament to the surgery's dedication to patient well-being but also a strategic branding opportunity. By proudly displaying the MedicAir approved sticker, Andrew Scott Dental Surgery effectively communicated their commitment to air quality management and differentiated themselves from competitors.

Health and Safety Benefits

Beyond enhancing the dental experience, the implementation of MedicAir technology also yielded significant health and safety benefits for Andrew Scott Dental Surgery. The incorporation of UV-C treatment within the units minimized the risk of COVID-19 and other contagious outbreaks, resulting in fewer staff absences and a more resilient business operation.


'I am in no doubt that the installation of DentAir systems throughout the clinical facilities has contributed to the establishment of a safe dental teaching environment.'

The success story of Andrew Scott Dental Surgery exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative solutions in healthcare settings. Through the strategic adoption of MedicAir technology, Andrew Scott Dental and the team were able to create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable environment for staff and patients alike. By prioritizing air quality management and embracing cutting-edge technology, Andrew Scott Dental Surgery not only elevated the dental experience but also strengthened its brand reputation and fostered long-term patient loyalty.

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